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Business Plan for Carbonic LLC

Carbonic LLC will soon be building a prototype of a machine capable of turning pig manure into plastic, thereby turning a manure problem into an income stream for the pig farm. The process is designed to capture and sequester all of the carbon existing in pig manure. The carbon thus sequestered in plastic can last for centuries.

Welcome GIS Team Prospects, Interns, Members, and Subscribers

First NameRole & STATUSDescription
LynoCarbonic founder working with a 32MB memory stick holding a copy of QGIS running Debian and holding Minnesota USA Environment related GIS data concerning water sources, streams, lakes, dams, and locks. GIS databases
JoeGIS ESRI specialist has loaded Minnesota Pollution Control Agency GIS database. Is working on producing ESRI maps for presentation at our GIS website.
YouGIS Data Research Analyst TASK: liaison GIS data with COMM Communication Direct Mail center and the COMM Communication Electronic Distribution center.
YouGIS UI/UX Data Presentation Specialist TASK: proficient in 3D GIS rendered over a time slider. Artificial horizon 3D GIS data navigator is no problem PROJECT: Stillwater, Minnesota, USA city growth over time. When and where was the first recorded structure built? By whom? Who bought and sold the house over the years? What do survey maps say about property boundaries? What are the stories? Watch the city grow as railways, roadways, airports, and bridges are added.
YouGIS Data Deep Data AI Specialist TASK: study the GIS data for named persons and businesses. Construct the GIS TRUTH as best it can be known.
YouGIS Data Specialist TASK: Indigenous People Migrations maps add to our knowledge of history, based on archeological evidence and the drawings and writings of the diaries, stories, visions, and songs.
TASK: construct a “best evidence” migration map of tribal nations in ancient and modern times. Trace and map agriculture, crops, herd animals, human food supply.
YouTASK: GIS track water ownership rights and mineral rights. Land grants for railways through modern times and at least to the year 2050. A futurist vision of GIS as presented by the local community planning groups worldwide. What do the visionaries see? Where will we put the tunnels of the Elon Musk boring machines under and conceivably upon the earth?
YouTASK: Be a fanciful dreamer of GIS dreams
TASK: Be a talent is some GIS compatible field like animation for children of all ages.
TASK: Animate the story of Charlie who is sentient Carbon Atom who tells the Carbon Gasification story beginning with becoming sentient in the dinosaur age and being locked is coal for eons of time.
YouTASK: a possible capital investor interested in the Carbonic LLC Crowd funding campaign see for details. At Carbonic LLC we input carbon atoms on the left and we output the same carbon atoms on the right as HDPE plastic. We sell the machinery that moves the carbon in on the left and through the gasification stage and out on the right as HDPE plastic or some alternative.
YouLike what you are reading here and would like to have a SUBSCRIBER role, please create a user account on the now present GIS subdomain server.
GIS Team Members


Virtual Assistant

GIS Data Gathering, Analysis, and Presentation

Thank you for considering Carbonic LLC as part of your time roadmap. My name is Lyno Sullivan. I am the Founder, Governor, and Chief Executive Officer of Carbonic LLC. I founded Carbonic LLC in Minnesota on February 18, 2020, at noon to be precise. I have drawn you to this page to show you the organization which may become part of your future.


You will be part of a Carbonic LLC Team of Executive Assistants. Your roles can be manyfold:

  1. As every role incumbent does, you select your commitments from an ever flowing river of need for your time, skills, and talents.
  2. Pick tasks from the backlog that you can commit with the project team and the team leader that you can and will perform to the best of your ability.
  3. Many tasks will be fun and interesting things to do.
  4. Checkout some of the following ideas waiting for the right Virtual Assistant to go dig out some data and put it onto a map layer set.
  5. For example, if you live in Minnesota, USA you could do research to help figure out all of the Minnesota State Government important phone numbers and mail addresses and people who hold government positions on commissions, councils, departments, projects, and teams. List their hot button issues. List the best categories and tags.
  6. We will gather email addresses and website addresses too but mostly Carbonic LLC is about putting well presented information on printed pages and using the U.S. postal service for delivery.


Geographic Information System (GIS) Specialists

Carbonic LLC, Home of the #ManureGasPlastic™ and #MGP™ branded products and services.

Your Education and Experience

At Carbonic LLC, your existing education and experience in GIS work opens the door to a unique opportunity for you to join the Carbonic LLC GIS Team. To be admitted to the Internship Program, you must show up here on this page and approved by going to your PROFILE and fill out your resume and wait for your credentials.

Expect peer and community based assessment of the timeliness, commitment, and follow-through of your task work, over your first 80 hours of internship. This work help establish your Geographic Information System (GIS) credentials. You may offer your media files and time claims as proof of work. You will receive accolades and criticism from observers, peers, and players from other teams.

Find a task. Take your skills and show the team what you can do. Syndicate your content and show the GIS Team what you can do.

Finding Tasks To Complete

With pre-approval of Team Leaders, Data Specialists and Players, go about your appointed rounds. Some teams require the signing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) clearance requirements. Otherwise pick your work assignments.

  1. fit your skillset
  2. are doable by you in the number of hours estimated
  3. are freely agreed to by you and not under duress
  4. fit your available time
  5. Be sure to make your presence known on

Life as a GIS Team Intern

As an intern working toward becoming an Incentive Unit holder at Carbonic LLC, don’t quit your day job, as they say. Your internship with Carbonic LLC will allow wonderful opportunities for career building and resume credential building. Each task that you agree to do and complete on-time indicates another proven and peer acknowledged skillset to be added to your tool belt. Through your hard work your talent will be recognized by your task leaders and affirmed by their approval of your work on various aspects of our #ManureGasPlastic™ project.

Benefits of Being a GIS Intern

Meet new people. Making new connections. Find a Mentor. Become a Mentor. Work on fun and interesting Geographic Information System (GIS) projects.

Apply your GIS skills

produced construction commodity like 4’x8′ sheets of HDPE plastic. A diverse range of plastic composite plastic materials become elements in a supply chain of Manure sourced Plastic Gasification process.

Data for simple marketing campaigns can be gathered from GIS databases produced by 1) various federal agencies, 2) Minnesota and other states, 3) counties, 4) local communities, and other organizations which may be freely available, or commercially accessible. The resulting reports will drive customer outreach programs. Please go to to see our team website for additional information about Help Wanted. 

Incentive Units

Carbonic LLC Incentive Units (IU)

Your 80 hours of team approved as an intern establishes the minimum

What Things Can Motivate a GIS Intern

Let’s reimagine a world wherein a worker can pick their favorite task until they tire of their task and decide to move on in a frictionless way. Some Carbonic LLC members are looking for a bunch of small time tasks BECAUSE:

  1. They are aged 50+ and are coasting into retirement
  2. They are aged 55+ AND they are founding new businesses 
  3. They loved maps as a child and throughout their life
  4. They read lots of books throughout their childhood
  5. They graduated high school with decent grades in STEM courses
  6. They love GIS technology 
  7. They believe #ManureGasPlastic is great and they want to share it with the world.

Community Around Sustainability

GIS Team will become a community of interns, incentive unit holders, subcontractors, and capital investors focused around sustainability by using the #ManureGasPlastic™ technology. Pig manure to carbon sequestered plastic is a smart idea. It will reduce dependence on fossil fuels. Creating plastic from sustainable life carbon sources makes sense. 

Bottom-Up Organizational Framework

Social Order

“Social order (used to be) can be imposed by orders handed down from on high. Social order now emerges based on connections made deep within the system.”–Oliver

GIS Team Roles

GIS Team  Role IDGIS Team  Role  Description
DirectorThe Director role coordinate big picture GIS team activities. They work with deputies, team leaders and team players. They coordinate the various GIS Team projects like the #MGP™ Project. GIS Directors coordinate with #CHEM, #AGRI, #POLI and other Team and Directors.
The Director is ultimately responsible for the server at the sub-domain.
Mentor & DeputyA Deputy is learning about how to become a GIS Team Director. A Mentor consults with and coaches other team Members
Team LeaderTeam leader interns must define a GIS project that attracts other GIS Team Interns and Team Members to their project.
Data Specialist and PlayerData Specialists are the workforce for the major projects and tasks.They build and maintain GIS databases. Players amuse themselves with GAMES and POLI political solutions at the local, county, state, and national level.
CAPITALCapital raising involves crowd sourcing support and other Carbonic LLC capital raising solutions. This is of vital concern to GIS Team Members.
TIME & TALK PLAYERSTime and Talk Interns are responsible for finding good GIS TASK Talent to help with one another’s projects and tasks. Interns must help GIS Team projects in order to be recognized as a dependable worker.
BIZBIZ deals with GIS needs of profit and non-profit organizations in need of association with farmer cooperatives, and rural organizations of all sorts.  The BIZ Team has a special relationship with CHEM Team in the areas of the chemistry of the various soils, crops, manures, ash, minerals, etc. create various closed cycle systems
EDU R&DGIS education coordination, preparation, delivery of GIS software and services through GIS Team work. R&D Research and Development
MarketingMarketing and Sales
Media ProducerA GIS Media Producer role is filled by people with a passion for writings, drawings and being a metadata writer. A media producer. An artist, animator, illustrator, and basically anyone with a passion for producing and selling geography related products might find a home in a GIS Media Producer role.
Help & Support#GIS11 interns talk with #GISteam members as well as their sister roles in other Help Teams. The goal is that all of the teams are interconnected. For example, a #GISteam #GIS11 team member can talk with a #CHEM11 on the #CHEMteam on problems shared by two participants. 
TECH and DEVOPSThe TECH and DEVOPS teams contain an eclectic mix people. the SECU Team and the TECH Team where they provide services for GIS Team Members regarding the admin of various GIS software packages like QGIS, GRASS, and ArcGIS. They write software that is proprietary or open-sourced to support the GIS Team member PERSONS and ORGS.
GIS Server by Roles and Functions