Northern Pacific Railway

From Duluth, Minnesota

From Saint Paul, Minnesota

Thru Billings, Montana

NP General Yardmaster of Billings Yard, Oliver Sullivan

Thru Livingston, Montana

NP Locomotive Engineer, Livingston, Montana

Thru Bozeman, Montana

Thru Missoula, Montana

NP Owner Denny Washington in Missoula, Montana

Unto Seattle, Washington

An Imaginary Journey

From Seattle to Saint Paul

Lewis & Clark Expedition from St. Louis, Missouri to Seattle, Washington and Return

This is the map of the Northern Pacific Railway Corridor that defines the Primary Purpose of the Northern Pacific (NP) Digital Railway Recreation Expedition for 2023.

Journey Of Fear, Hope & Prayer


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NP – Northern Pacific Railway

Northern Pacific Railway Route On Sarah’s Trip East to Billings.

  1. Northern Pacific (NP) Railway

Lake Superior

Headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota, the Lake Superior Division’s main routes were from Duluth to Ashland, Wisconsin, Duluth to Staples, Minnesota, and Duluth to White Bear Lake, Minnesota. The division encompassed 631 route miles; 356 in main line and 274 in branches.

  1. 2.2St. Paul

St. Paul

Headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota in the company’s Railroad and Bank Building, the St. Paul Division’s main routes were from Saint Paul to Staples, Saint Paul to White Bear Lake, and Staples to Dilworth, Minnesota. The division encompassed 909 route miles; 310 in main line and 599 in branches.

  1. 2.3Fargo


Headquartered in Fargo, North Dakota, the Fargo Division’s main routes were from Dilworth to Mandan, North Dakota. The division encompassed 1,167 route miles; 216 in main line and 951 in branches.

  1. 2.4Yellowstone


Headquartered in Glendive, Montana, the Yellowstone Division’s main routes were from Mandan, North Dakota, to Billings, Montana, and from Billings to Livingston, Montana. The division encompassed 875 route miles; 546 in main line and 328 in branches.

  1. 2.5Rocky Mountain

Rocky Mountain

Headquartered in Missoula, Montana, the Rocky Mountain Division’s main routes were from Livingston to Paradise, Montana via Helena, Montana and Mullan Pass, and from Logan, Montana, to Garrison, Montana, via Butte, Montana, and Homestake Pass. The division encompassed 892 route miles; 563 in main line and 330 in branches. It was home to the principal central district repair facility at Livingston, Montana.

  1. 2.6Idaho


Headquartered in Spokane, Washington, the Idaho Division’s main routes were from Paradise, Mont., to Yakima, Washington, via Pasco, Washington. The division encompassed 1,123 route miles; 466 in main line and 657 in branches.

  1. 2.7Tacoma

Headquartered in Tacoma, Washington, the Tacoma Division’s main routes were from Yakima to Stuck Junction, near future Auburn, WashingtonSeattle, Washington to Sumas, Washington, on the border with British Columbia, Canada, and from Seattle to Portland, Oregon. The division encompassed 1,034 route miles; 373 in main line and 661 in branches. It was home to the principal west end repair facility at South Tacoma, Washington.[17]

As the railroad expanded, immigrants, families, and single men moved to the Pacific Northwest. Tacoma’s population grew rapidly: in 1880 there were 1,098 residents, and in 1889 there were 36,000.[18]